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Weekend Home Improvement Upgrades For Your Home

You could be on your way to saving money if like to do things yourself. With the right comprehensive plan, any room can be transformed into a new room with simple design touches. These transformations or updates don't have to cost a fortune either, spending a couple of hundred dollars can spruce up any room. Check out these suggestions for simple upgrades to your home.

Weekend Paint Project
Weekend Paint Project

1.Fresh Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint can bring life back to your walls with the choice of a brilliant color that can spruce up the room. A simple coat of paint can change your view on the entire room, that's how a coat of paint works. It changes the perspective on the room and your reality that it's a new room. This is why sprucing up a room with a coat of paint is a huge do-it-yourself job for the weekend. Plan to budget somewhere in the range of $120 to paint a room.

2. Add Crown Molding

Adding Crown Molding creates value to your home by decorating the transition of the ceiling to the wall. Crown molding tends to add great value to the home if you can do it to all the rooms. It adds a sense of style and charm to rooms within the home. Crown Molding remodeling is not to be taken lightly, it's not something you can usually do in one weekend., because you definitely want to make sure all corners meet up correctly. In the end, the cost to add decorative crown molding should be in the range of $150 per room.

Home Improvement Projects
Home Improvement Ideas

3.Install Decorative Stair Runners

Slippery stairs can always be a problem in any home. A simple solution would be to install a stair runner to minimize the problem. These stair runners can be made of non-slip material such as carpet, rubber material, or sandpaper textured sections. Stair runners also add a decorative feature to any set of stairs while providing a sense of safety, in the form of nonslip surfaces to walk on. With that being said, doing this home improvement project will cost around $150 for a set of 13 stairs.

4.Install A Eco-Efficient Dishwasher

Older dishwashers can cause the power and electrical bills to skyrocket over some time. To solve this problem it would be efficient to swap out the old dishwasher to a more eco-friendly dishwasher. This eco-friendly dishwasher could save you around $250/yr, and over time that adds up. On the other hand, If you are washing your dishes by hand, you may be using nearly 50% more water over a year. This kitchen appliance update is the biggest money saver of all. Installing a dishwasher yourself can be done in one afternoon. No plumber or electrician is needed and no worries that you're wasting your hard-earned saved money on a load of clean dishes. The home improvement project cost of installing a new dishwasher would be in the range of $400-$600.

5.Fresh Coat of Paint on Certain Floors

Limited budgets can sometimes dictate which way you go when making updates to certain floors. Refinishing floors can sometimes run in the price range of $2,000-$3,000.If refinishing the floors doesn't fit into the budget, then applying a fresh coat of paint may be the right direction. A perfect example would be an old farmhouse, creating a unique pattern look on the floor and choosing the right color can add a specific look to certain aged floors. Make sure to use multiple coats of durable floor paint which can add a lot of personality to a room for a small price. This weekend home improvement project will cost in the range of $50-$75.

Paint Your Cabinets
Transform Your Cabinets

6. Freshen Up The Kitchen Cabinets With Paint

If your kitchen feels dreary it may be that way because of the dark cabinets. However, a lucent makeover doesn't inevitably mean that you have to replace those depressing cabinets with new ones. If the frames and doors are functional and sound, then they can be cleaned up and painted. By doing this weekend home improvement project you can take that kitchen from dismal to bright. To do this little project all you need is a powerful cleaner, lightweight sandpaper, paintbrush, and a little hard work. Fortunately, you won't need a lot of money for this transformation. This project should cost you in the range of $200-$300.

In the end, a person can add value to their home with these easy to do weekend projects. These home improvement projects can be done without hiring a professional as long as you don't uncover any unforeseen problems as you move forward with each project. If problems do arise, it would be advised to contact your local home improvement specialist to make sure that you don't cause more damage.

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