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Updates From Pro Property Services

Keep checking in with us to see what projects we have completed and the ones we are working on.

While we were waiting on the inspections to be completed for a deck we were building for our customers on this property, we removed the old lattice under the existing lower deck and added this wood for a modern look.

This deck refurbish worked out great and our customers loved it!

As we continue to grow our business here at Pro Property Services we strive to do a top notch job! We love to see these great reviews left by our satisfied customers about our amazing crews and the jobs they do.

Another simple, but yet tight built fence completed for our satisfied customers.

All they wanted was a fence to keep their animals in and other animals out. I think we accomplished this with this clean style of fence.

Give us a call for your next fence build!

This particular style of fence fits the lay of the land perfectly, hugs the ground nice and tight to keep all of the animals from escaping.

#fencebuilder #buildthatfence

Another excellent job by one of our crews ! We extended the customer's porch to cover and protect her handrails and to cover a previously exposed deck! Give us a call today for your next project!

“The pros that always show up!”

We continue to thank each and every one of customers for their continued support of our business by allowing us to work for you. As we've said many times before, our main goal is to walk away with a satisfied and happy customer from every job we complete.

Thanks again from Pro Property Services for allowing us to grow with the people of Western North Carolina.

Call us today for your next project!

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