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How To Pressure Wash Your Home

Secrets To Pressure Washing Your House

Pressure washing your home can sometimes be a daunting task. Today we are going to learn how to pressure wash your home the proper way while cleaning the siding and gutters also. Learning the correct techniques and using all the necessary equipment ensures that the job is done right. We will look at all the equipment needed to do the job while making sure the job is laid out properly so no damage is placed upon the house. In the end, if the pressure washing job to your home is done the right way, it can make your house sparkle and shine.

Choosing The Right Pressure Washing Equipment You can clean your home in one afternoon if you choose the proper pressure washing machine, attachments and cleaning agents to do the job. Let's start with the pressure washing machine. A gas-powered machine is the best choice for any pressure washing job. However, an electric pressure washing machine is good in some instances if you just need a lower PSI for small jobs, like sidewalks, boats, and other small items. On the other hand, a machine with a higher PSI and a larger water flow will allow you to finish the job at a much faster rate. Having a pressure washer with a water flow of 2.5 GPM and PSI of at least 2600PSI should do the job for any house.

Pressure Washing Nozzle Attachments Choosing the correct nozzle is crucial to make sure the right amount of pressure and detergent is discharged and applied to the area being cleaned. It's also very important to use a nozzle between 25-40 degrees, so the tip will let you reach all areas around the home. If there are higher areas make sure to get the extension attachment so you can reach those out of site areas and the gutters. Always start by holding the pressure wand about 3' away from what you are washing and then you can move closer as you see how much pressure you need to remove the dirt and grime.

Do I Need To Use A Cleaning Solution When I Pressure Wash? Yes, using a pressure washing cleaning detergent allows you not to have to use as much water. The cleaning agent helps cut through all the dirt and helps get all the grime out of the crevices. There are formulated cleaning solutions for specific house sidings such as vinyl, brick, stucco or wood. It's also crucial to make sure you purchase an environmentally friendly cleaner so you don't harm vegetation or family pets in the immediate area.

Before You Start Pressure Cleaning Your Home Make Safety Your First Priority When power cleaning your home, the last thing you want to happen is for someone to get injured. Maintaining a safe area while working is crucial for everyone involved. Let's look at some important tips for keeping everyone safe while pressure washing.

1.Always wear eye protection

2.Avoid ladders that go over 6 feet. If a taller ladder is used always make sure it is secured to the home and the feet are locked in place with safety blocks or someone else is holding the ladder for security.

3.Stay away from power lines.

4.Keep entire area clear of clutter.

5.Be aware of lead paint and asbestos.

6.Stay away from electrical outlets.

7.Pay attention to vents and openings. In conclusion, pressure washing your house is an important part of maintaining that fresh appearance. Not keeping your home clean can lead to a buildup of dirt and grime which can turn into mold in all the wrong places. Pressure Cleaning one's home adds a sense of value and makes it sparkle in the sunlight. Power Cleaning the outside of your house is sometimes a huge task and a lot of times we just don't have the time to do it ourselves. In this case, you need to hire a professional company to come in and do it the right way. This is where Pro Property Services comes in handy. One of our specialties is pressure washing homes, decks, driveways, boats, campers, and just about anything you would want pressure washed. Our years of experience leads to a job done the right way and a satisfied customer.

Contact Pro Property Services today and let us handle all your HOME PRESSURE WASHING needs!

Check out this video from Lowe's on How To Pressure or Power Wash Your Home

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